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Work-Life Balance

Survey Results 2013

The results of an FCTU survey on Work-Life Balance and Workloads were published in March 2013.

There were many positive responses to the survey, showing again that FC staff value, enjoy and take pride in the work that they do. We believe however that the results of the survey have provided the FCTU with substantial evidence that there are a wide number of cultural issues currently with long working hours, increasing workloads and poor work-life balancing. The issues are particularly evident in the comments left by responders, where we feel there are recurring and very definite themes throughout. These include:

• Serious impacts on safety, health and wellbeing;
• Excessive self-induced pressure to do a good job;
• Pressures of work impinging on people’s home life, relationships and other pursuits;
• Staff cuts without reducing work resulting in unreasonable and unsustainable workloads;
• A feeling that things are not going to change or improve;
• Backlogs of TOIL, annual leave and flexi being accrued and not used..


Our concerns have been heard and the FCTU have been assured that the subject will be raised at each of the Staff Councils; for England, Scotland, Forest Research and Silvan House, with a view to looking at how best to take things forward in each area; how issues can be resolved locally and how to create an environment in which staff are able to have open and honest discussions on workloads and resources with managers.

The unions will play an important part in making this shift and will aim to work harmoniously with the FC, both at a senior and local management level, towards a better working culture that gives staff the necessary headroom in which to work effectively and sustainably. We all wish to work for a healthy and caring organisation that meets the demands of challenges we face, but also nurtures the wellbeing of all staff and sensibly rewards those who meet appropriate and achievable outputs.


Work Your Proper Hours Day 20th February 2014

Work Your Proper Hours Day, on 28th February this year, is campaign that celebrates the unsung - and unrewarded - hours that staff put in to help their employers and boost the UK economy. Last year, the TUC found that one in five employees across the UK regularly worked unpaid overtime, worth over £28bn to the economy. If you're one of these employees, why not take some time to reflect on how well you are balancing your work-life? Long hours are not good for us; they cause stress; they're bad for our health; they wreck relationships; and affect our work. Starting on this day, take a proper lunchbreak and leave work on time - You deserve it!