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FCTU Annual General Meeting 7th December 2015

The 2015 FCTU AGM was held on the 17th and 18th of November in Silvan House. Recapping on the unions' work carried out over the past 12 months including an annual Departmental Committee report and discussing current issues including the future of the FC in England, Scotland, Forest Research and Silvan House; health and safety including mental wellbeing; pay, and the staff survey, a very valuable meeting was held.

Forest Research Refresh Consultation Response UPDATED 20th October 2015

FCTU have provided a collective response to the FR Refresh proposals, involving union members from Forest Research and Corporate & Forestry Support, submitted on behalf of the FCTU Temporary Central Services Committee. An executive summary was also provided.

Forest Enterprise Scotland: Organisational Development Programme 7th September 2015

Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES) is seeking options to reduce its cost-base and to simplify the way that the whole of FES is organised. The programme is designed to deliver the necessary changes in FES, including devolution of work from Shared and Central Services, looking at more efficient operational activity, simplifying management structures within FES and deliver on other Scottish Government policies which are developing. There is no doubt that this will lead to a reduction in staff numbers. Read more...

Forest Research Refresh Project 14th September 2015

At the end of 2014 the Forestry Commissioners endorsed the conclusions of the Phase 2 Stage 1 report of the WPEP Cross-Border Functions Project. One of the recommendations in the report was that alongside the next stage of the WPEP project, Central Services should begin a new project to examine the options and implications of moving to a refreshed model for Forest Research. Read more...

Meeting with the Scottish Minister for Environment 10th September 2015

A small delegation from FCTU Scotland met the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, Dr Aileen McLeod, yesterday in Holyrood to discuss four key concerns for union members in Forestry Commission Scotland and Forest Enterprise Scotland. Read more...

Establishing new Corporate Services and HR Services Arrangements 8th September 2015

Consultation on the rationale establishing new Corporate Services and HR Services arrangments in FC England, Scotland and Forest Research, moving away from the Shared Service model, has concluded, with FCTU accepting the proposals in principle having received some re-assurances to issues raised. FCTU are participants in this ongoing change and leading from this we will be consulted on a variety of business cases that involve individual change proposals and subsequent impacts.

Workers' Memorial Day 16th April 2015

On 28th April 2015, the FC Trade Unions will mark Workers' Memorial Day. Every year, on this day, trade unions and workplace health and safety campaigners all over the world focus on the issue of workers' health and safety. This commemorates those who have tragically died at work and promotes safer working conditions for the living.

While recognised worldwide, this date is chosen because it is the anniversary of the Occupational Health and Safety Act in the USA and commemorates the day of a construction accident in Connecticut that claimed 28 lives.

In marking this day, ‘Safe Jobs Save Lives’ is therefore the message being conveyed and is included in a poster produced by FCTU.

The Case for Retaining An Integrated Forestry Commission 9th March 2015

The FC Trade Unions have produced a paper making the case for retaning an integrated Forestry Commission, defining what makes the FC such an important organisation. It represents a distillation of the views expressed by the overwhelming majority of union members in the FC; and provides a credible argument on the validity of retaining an evolving FC.

Reshaping Forest Services Consultation - Final Decisions 6th February 2015

Following the Reshaping Forest Services consultation and final decisions announced today, FCTU have issued a response to members with the unions's view on these decisions and a further analysis of the consultation results.

Reshaping Forest Services Consultation UPDATED 21st January 2015

Following the consultation open to all FC staff on the reshaping of Forest Services, FCTU have submitted a final response. on behalf of members, resulting from a call from FCTU England for views.

FS Management will announce the results of the consultation and their decisions on 5th February 2015.

FCTU Annual General Meeting 2nd December 2014

The FCTU AGM was held on the 18th and 19th of November in Silvan House. Recapping on the unions' work done over the past 12 months and discussing current issues including the future of the FC and the Woodland Policy Enabling Programme; with the second day focusing exclusively on health and safety and forming an action plan, a very valuable meeting was held. The AGM minutes can be viewed here.

Woodland Policy Enabling Programme - A Credible Alternative 1st September 2014

While FCTU continue to engage with the WPEP and its various proposals, we have developed a case for retaining a better Forestry Commission for the future we outline our alternative and the preferred options of the unions for the future management, ownership and funding of the forest estate. It specifically focuses on government proposals to restructure the Forestry Commission England and Scotland and the establishment of a Public Forest Estate Management Organisation (PFEMO).

Members' Meetings Autumn 2014 - Strengthening Your Mandate 27th August 2014

The FC Trade Unions would like to invite members of all five Forestry Unions (PCS, Unite, Prospect, GMB and FDA) to attend one of the union meetings being held across the FC during the coming weeks – Chaired by Allan MacKenzie, FCTU Secretary. Please visit the England, Scotland, Forest Research or Silvan House pages for details of a meeting in your area.

The purpose of these meetings is to strengthen the current mandate and develop a joint union policy on retaining a fully integrated, sustainably resourced and evolving Forestry Commission into the future. The meetings will contain a presentation followed by a question and answer session. Union Facility Time to attend has been granted by the FC.

Summer 2014 - "A Quiet Time" 22nd July 2014

Following the Queen's Speech and its omission of any forestry legislation announcements, FCTU are considering the current status of the FC and the mandate of the unions to see a fully integrated, sustainably resourced and evolving FC which can deliver what the public desire into the future. Click here to view a briefing note from Allan MacKenzie, FCTU Secretary on this issue and the unions' alternative vision for the FC.

FCTU Reaction to Queen's Speech 9th June 2014

The speech and the State opening of Parliament on 4th June have come and gone with no mention of forestry throughout the day. This is a massive relief to the hard working staff in the FC and we now have more time to consider the current Government’s proposals and look forward to influencing the next incoming administration in Westminster... (click here to view briefing)

Update on FC Health & Safety Strategy 11th March 2014

Following the launch of the new strategy, the FC carried out an extensive feedback exercise to gather views on how we could improve the way we manage health and safety, and the issues that must be addressed. The feedback has identified four main areas where people felt improvements could be made, and the Strategy Group, on which FCTU sit have agreed action to take as a result. Click here to view an update briefing from FCTU Secretary.

Work Your Proper Hours Day 20th February 2014

28th February will see a campaign that celebrates the unsung and unrewarded hours that staff put in to help their employers. The TUC found that one in five employees across the UK regularly worked unpaid overtime, worth over £28bn to the economy. If you're one of these employees, why not take some time to reflect on how well you are balancing your work-life? Long hours are not good for us; they cause stress; they're bad for our health; they wreck relationships; and affect our work. Starting on this day, take a proper lunchbreak and leave work on time - You deserve it!

Starting a New Year 13th January 2014

As we move into the first weeks of 2014 we thought it would be timely to reflect on some of the important issues from 2013 and take a look ahead to see what 2014 may hold for union members in the FC. Please click here to view a note on the year and challenges ahead.

Forest Services Staff Briefing - 'One Business' & Strategic Alignment 11th December 2013

Further to the briefing issued on 9th December, a further note from FCTU for those affected by EU payments changes can be viewed here.

DEFRA Announcement on EU Payments 9th December 2013

Click here to view a briefing from FCTU following the announcement today from DEFRA on changes to the handling of payments within Common Agricultural Policy and how this will affect staff in Forest Services England.

FCTU Annual General Meeting Report 21st November 2013

The FCTU AGM was held on 19 November in Silvan House. Recapping on the unions' work done over the past 12 months and discussing current issues including the future of the FC, WPEP, the move of FC Wales, facility time and health safety, a very valuable meeting was held. The AGM report can be viewed here.

FC for the Future - Summit Report 21st November 2013

On 20th November, the FCTU held a summit to review next steps in the campaign to retain the Forestry Commission, taking the opportunity to bring the unions together to discuss raising political and public awareness, and to have the national unions provide support needed to ensure that the mandate of union members in the FC is delivered. A report on the summit can be viewed here.

FC for the Future - Campaign Meetings 9th September 2013

We have arranged a series of union members’ meetings across the FC in September and October to discuss the future of the organisation face to face with members. Click here to view a list of all meeting dates and locations.

Woodland Policy Enabling Programme Consultation 5th September 2013

Our submission to the Woodland Policy Enabling Programme consultation can be viewed here. The consultation will close on 25 September and all staff are encouraged to share their views or any concerns with the FC and to submit a response.

FC Staff Survey 2013 3rd September 2013

The 2013 FC Staff Survey has now been launched. The FC are looking to gather as many opinions and thoughts from staff as possible as this is an invaluable tool which will highlight what staff believe the organisation is doing well and where improvements are needed. The FCTU fully support the staff survey - click here to view a members' briefing and further information.

FC Health & Safety Strategy Launched 2nd July 2013

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) recently highlighted that the forest industry is one of the most dangerous UK sectors to work in. Although the FC has always taken health and safety very seriously, we have to do more to make sure health and safety is part of everything we do...

Woodland Policy Enabling Programme 10th June 2013

Click here to view a briefing intended to update all union members and others in the whole of the Forestry Commission on the aspects of this programme and the level of union activity that is being directed towards ensuring meaningful consultation in accordance with the Partnership Agreement.

UPDATED 18th June 2013 - click here

Forestry Functions Review 10th June 2013

Click here to view a briefing to aid the FCTU network in responding to the Forestry Functions Review and to inform FC England of the issues that are of concern to us. FC staff can access information on the review on what the Government's Forestry Policy Statement means for Forest Services staff on the Intranet here.

Work-Life Balance & Workloads Survey UPDATED 23rd May 2013

Click here to view a briefing on progress following the publication of the Work-Life Balance and Worklaods survey results. Our concerns have been heard and the FCTU have been assured that the subject will be raised at each of the four Staff Councils.

Work-Life Balance & Workloads Survey Results 13th March 2013

The results of our survey on work-life balance and workloads are now available. Click here to view the results report. The FCTU will now look to reopen discussions with management and seek to work harmoniously towards a better culture that gives our members a healthy work-life balance and the necessary headroom in which to work effectively and sustainably.


Government Forestry Policy Statement - Response Meetings 6th February 2013

Following the publication of the Government's response to the Independent Panel on Forestry’s final report, we would like to invite members of all four Forestry Unions (Prospect, PCS, UNITE and GMB) to attend one of the following FC Trade Union meetings to be chaired by Allan MacKenzie, being held around England during the coming weeks...

Government Forestry Policy Statement 31st January 2013

The Government’s response to the Independent Panel on Forestry’s final report was published today. Click here to view a short briefing on the initial reaction from the FCTU.

The Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA) 29th January 2013

Representatives from the leading industry organisations have joined together to form the Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA), which sets out the industry commitment agreed by each organisation to raise the standards of health, safety and welfare in the workplace. Contact the FCTU Office for login details for the website.

FC England Prepare to Discuss the Official Response 29th January 2013

On Thursday 31st January, the Government will publish its response to the Independent Panel on Forestry’s final report. For staff, further information will be published on the Intranet when it becomes available on Thursday.

FC England management will be hosting a live Yammer discussion on Friday 1st February...

Help make the FC a safer place to work 10th January 2012

Click here to view a brefing from Allan MacKenzie, FCTU Secretary on how you can help make the Forestry Commission a safer place to work. The FCTU are urging union members in the FC to rise to the challenge of making this organisation, and where possible the wider forestry industry, the safest place to work, by becoming a Health & Safety representative.