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Forestry Commission Trade Unions

Welcome to the website of the Forestry Commission Trade Unions (FCTU). This website is designed to provide news and information to Forestry Commission staff who are members of either the PCS, Unite, Prospect or GMB trade unions (About Us). We are regularly adding new content—so if you have any comments on the site or suggestions for improvements then please do get in touch.

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Latest News

FES Restructure Proposals - FCTU Response 23rd November 2017

FCTU has responded to the consultation on restructuring Land Management and Community & Visitor Services.

FCTU Pay Claim 2017 19th September 2017

The FCTU Pay Claim for 2017 has now been submitted. Pay talks with the employer will commence on 25th September.

FCTU Annual General Meeting

The 2016 AGM was held on the 22nd and 23rd of November in Silvan House. Recapping on the unions' work carried out over the past 12 months including an annual Departmental Committee report and discussing current issues including the future of the FC in Scotland, England, Forest Research and Silvan House; decentralisation and devolution; and health and safety including wellbeing, a very valuable meeting was held.

Future of Forestry in Scotland - FCTU Submission 9th November 2016

FCTU have now responded to the consultation on the Future of Forestry in Scotland. Our submission comments on the proposed introduction of new organisational arrangements in Scotland; the basis for cross-border collaboration; and legislation and regulation. FCTU endorse the aims of the government but wish to enter a meaningful disalogue on taking this forward with the right arrangements for forestry and protecting the interests of members.

We now seek a dialogue with Scottish Government on the next steps and a response to the recommendations contained in the submission, reporting back to members in due course.

Pay 2016 Update 27th October 2016

FCTU have issued an update briefing to members following this year's pay talks.

Forestry in England Inquiry - FCTU Submission 18th October 2016

FCTU have now provided a written submission to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee's Forestry in England Inquiry.

Future of Forestry in Scotland Consultation 31st August 2016

The Scottish Government has now published its consultation on the future of forestry in Scotland. This follows both the Scottish Minister’s statement last year and SNP manifesto commitments, and forms part of the work to complete the devolution of forestry functions to Scottish Ministers.

The aim of this consultation is to gather views on the SG’s planned approach to new arrangements for the governance, development, support and regulation of forestry in Scotland. SG has stated that consultation responses will inform its policy on how this can best be achieved.

FCTU wil be submitting a response to the consultation based on the collective views of unions members in the FC.

Pay Claim 2016 15th August 2016

The FCTU Pay Claim for 2016 has now been submitted. Pay talks with the employer will commence on 23rd August.

Dencentralisation of Health & Safety and Learning & Development 23rd May 2016

FCTU have now responded to the proposals on decentralising the FC's Safety, Health & Environment and Learning & Development services, and establishing new arrangements in England, Scotland and Central Services. Our response, based on feedback from members, is extensive and requests a great deal of reconsideration from the countries. We now await a response from the FC.

Dencentralisation of Health & Safety and Learning & Development 4th May 2016

The consultation on the proposals to decentralise Safety, Health & Enivronment and Learning & Development functions and establishing new arrangements in the countries is underway. The Temporary Corporate Services Staff Council were taken through the business cases for England, Scotland and Central Services, ahead of submitting a response to the consultation by 23rd May. Feedback on the business cases should be emailed to by 16th May.

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